The Redesign
I was tasked with redesigning the logo and creating a new brand guide from scratch for UrbanLink Media's marketing company. The owner wanted something modern with a glitch effect while still having a similar style to the previous logo. Created in 2021.

Original logo (not mine)

New logo

The Brand Guide
Shown below are a couple pages from the new brand guide. Click the link to view the full guide. Includes their values, voice, logo, icons, colors, and fonts. Created in 2021.

Click Here to View the Full Brand Guide
The Masthead
I created this video as the masthead to UrbanLink Media's website to better establish their branding and to match the website current trend from other established marketing companies. Created in 2021.
The Business Card
This digital business card was created to be used for employees across UrbanLink's multiple companies. Each company shares the same "link" iconography to help audiences with brand alignment. Created in 2021.
The Podcast
This YouTube playlist features all the episodes I produced and edited for the UrbanLink Media Podcast. Production started in 2021.
The Podcast Covers
These are the final concepts made for each season of the UrbanLink Media Podcast. Figures episodes focused around business leaders and entrepreneurs. Cryptolink episodes focused on cryptocurrency and NFTs. Created in 2021.

Season 1

Season 2

The Podcast Intro/Outro
These clips were created to open and close the podcast. They were developed to create a memorable brand identity while also retaining a modern, urban style. Created in 2021.

Podcast Intro

Podcast Outro

The Podcast Merch
Since the podcast was gaining viewers and we had guests incoming, I thought it was a good idea to get some merchandise developed. These would be given as gifts to our guests, sold to our fans, and help further establish the brand. Created in 2022

Tshirt-Light Concept Illustration

Tshirt-Dark Concept Illustration

The Magazine Social Media
In an effort to save time developing social media posts, I created a series of 30 template posts for others to easily develop. The intention was to create a beautiful flow of color through all of UrbanLink Magazine's tertiary color palette, and also be simple enough for anyone to edit the title and picture. Created in 2022.

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